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A panty silhouette borrowed from the boys, designed for women with a low- rise waistline, and a straight cut across the upper thigh.


An unlined and wireless bra silhouette with lightweight support. It is perfect for smaller bust lines and for comfortable lounging.


A body-shaping silhouette that extends from the bust line to mid-waist or top of the hip. It is designed with flexible boning for smoothing and shaping, and cinches at the waist.


This signature pushup silhouette is our best-selling bra. The padded cups and center front twist provide dramatic lift and the look of an extra cup size.

 Center Front Gore

Fabric that connects the cups of the bra at the front center, which can vary among styles. Bras with a lower plunge have thinner center front gores making them perfect for low cut tops.


A strap feature that allows for multiple silhouettes from a single bra. Of the many options, there are criss-cross, strapless, halter, wide, one-shoulder and more.


A low cut silhouette with less cup coverage. Demi bras are ideal for lower necklines as the cups only offer ¾ coverage compared to t-shirt bra cups.

 Front Close

A design feature that fastens between the cups. Front close bras offer smoother backs and a deeper plunging silhouette.

 Gossamer Mesh

Our signature, imported Italian, superfine mesh that is smooth, silky and comfortable. It’s virtually undetectable under clothing.


A full coverage panty silhouette that fits smoothly across the hips, lower tummy and has a hi-cut leg.

 Low Rise

A minimal coverage panty silhouette designed to sit low on, or below the hips.

 Medium Rise

A panty silhouette that sits between the hip and lower tummy, providing greater coverage than low-rise but less than hi-cut.

 Peruvian Pima Cotton

A super soft, comfortable blend of cotton primarily grown in the mountains of Peru. Lingerie designed with Pima Cotton is incredibly soft and lightweight.


A really low cut silhouette that ends at the center front gore. Plunge bras are ideal for clothing that reveals cleavage or requires extra cleavage lift.

 Push Up

A silhouette with additional padding at the bottom, or along the sides of the cup that provide extra lift, and the look of an extra cup size to the bust.


Sometimes referred to as a T-Back silhouette for its athletic look, a racerback is designed with straps that rest comfortably between the shoulder blades.


A fabric feature where there are no apparent seams or obvious joins. Seamless styles are ideal for T-shirts or other close-fitting clothing.

 Shelf Bra

An extra layer built into tank tops or camis for additional lightweight support.

 T-Shirt Bra

A bra silhouette with seamless, smooth, molded cups that provides a natural well-rounded shape and is virtually undetectable under clothing.


A cup design without padding that provides a more natural look.


A bra silhouette that is wireless but provides a light lift. So smooth, unwire bras are virtually undetectable under clothing.

Fit Tips

  If the back of your bra is riding up…

Your band might be too loose. Try tightening the band to the next hook, if possible. Another option is to go up a cup size and try a smaller band.

  If your bra won’t lay flat against the center of your chest…

Your bra cup size is too small. Try a bigger cup size so your bra lays flat.

  If the underwires are poking you…

Your cup size is too small. Try going up a cup size.

  If your straps are digging into your shoulders…

First, try to loosen up the straps. If that doesn’t work, your cup size might be too small and you should try going up a size.

  If your strapless bra keeps falling down…

A strapless bra’s main support comes from the band. First, test the bra by making sure your band sits evenly across your body from front to back. Next, lift your arms, the band shouldn’t move or shift when you do so.

  If you’re packing your bras for travel…

Take all the bras you’re packing and layer them on top of one another while they’re open. Place a pair of socks in the cups of the bottom bra. By doing this, you will be able to make sure the cups will keep their shape.

  If you’re not sure about the fit of your bra…

Follow these six guidelines:
1. The top of the cups should hold your breasts without bulging or gaping. If there is bulging, the cups are too small or your straps are too tight. Adjust accordingly.
2. Underwires should follow the edge of your ribcage, below your chest—not on it.
3. Bra bands should be snug, keeping the bra cups and underwires in place.
4. The bra band should fit horizontally across your back. If your band rides up in the center, it could mean that the weight of your breasts is pulling the band up and the band is too large. If this is the case, go down a band size.
5. The center front of your bra should lie flat, pinned close to the breastbone.
6.You should only be able to fit two fingers under your bra strap when it is correctly adjusted.

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